“From the time we wake up in the morning until the time we go to bed at night, our day is full of choices. What we do with our choices is totally up to us” ~ Unknown

Our day is full of choices isn’t it? What to eat, what to drink, what to wear, what music to listen to, what tv show/movie to watch, to go to work/school…or we can choose to not do any of those things. We also have the choice to say, do, act and react to something or none of the above. It’s the gift of freewill that our Higher Power has given each of us.

How many times do you regret certain choices you’ve made in a day, a year or your lifetime? I know I sure do. I regret some of the relationships I chose to be in, I regret certain things I’ve done at some of the jobs I’ve had, and I’ve regretted other things I’ve done and said tru the years. I’ve also regretted choosing not doing any of the above.

Then again, some of my choices, regretted or not, have shaped my life in numerous ways. For example the day the apartment house I was living in caught fire, I regretted going to work – at that time. Later I realized it was good that I did for many reasons. Mainly because I probably wouldn’t be here today if I’d stayed home.

I regret the moment I realized painkillers killed more than my physical pain. On the other hand, that period of my life also shaped me.

One day I definitely don’t regret is the day I reached out to my Spiritual Advisor’s family for a copy of his words so I could continue sharing them in his memory. I also don’t regret agreeing to share my words with his. This, too, has shaped my life in innumerable ways. This choice however has not only affected my life but perhaps others who choose to read what I write. I also don’t regret leaving social media before I started writing this post. I almost made an inflammatory comment on a post.

The point I’m trying to make is simple. In this world, we are flooded with tons of information 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Everywhere we go information comes to us thru other people, the tv, radio, print and the internet, particularly social media. Anyone from the most educated and talented to the least educated and talented can put anything out there – good or bad – for the world to watch, listen to or read.

Where the trouble lies is when our emotions get out of control. We as receivers of this information have the choice to watch, listen to or read it(or not) and we have the choice to act, react, respond or neither.

I discovered not long ago that putting something on social media was read by a couple of people that I didn’t want to see it. Just as I had the choice to put that post up, these people had the choice to act, react, respond or neither in a positive or negative way. Even tho I’ve known this for some time, this incident truly made me realize that, in this day and age of digital information, each of us has the ability to use it to spew hatred or to spread peace. We can start trouble or we can mend bridges. We can create problems or we can create solutions.

Thought for the day: Whatever choice we make, that choice is ultimately up to us. Will you use your choice for good or bad?

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About Bella’s Thoughts. This is a project that I began in my mind a number of years ago when I began reading some daily meditations. I had my own thoughts on many occasions and attempted to journal many times without success. It began to take shape when I took on another project for a Spiritual Advisor and dear friend who past away. To learn more about me read my very first blog post. For more daily reflections go to...

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