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“When you put your foot on the gas pedal and push it all the way to the floor and the RPM’s was all the way to the red line, what happens to the engine after a period of time?” ~My former psychology teacher

We are living in stressful times aren’t we? Three hurricanes in a month and 3 terrorist attacks in a 24hrs period(2 of those were by radical Islam it’s and 1 by a mentally ill person). Top that off with troubles with North Korea, Iran, Russia and our own political garbage. Watching or reading the news today can be very depressing. One can look at these times with despair and spew hateful word vomit or one can look at these times with hope.

In the wake of all these events, we have information coming at us from all directions: tv, print, and of course social media. There are also all kinds of pundits, political leaders and other commentators who throw around hateful comments and unrealistic ideas about how these situations should be handled. At some point the blame starts and anyone to everyone is blamed for the stuff that happens.

I remember a time when our leaders, actors, musicians and athletes were our role models. Some were even our heroes. Today, in our current political climate, this isn’t so much true.

When we hear/read about the stuff on the news or on social media sites we often leave nasty comments. This continues the cycle of blame and anger which fuels the hate in the hearts of men and women everywhere. I do not care to cite examples because that, too, will fuel the hatred cycle.

We cannot allow this to keep happening.

There is something we keep forgetting when these horrific and awful events happens. The outpouring of humans compassion. Strangers helping other strangers in a time of need. Lines of racial division, political affiliation or views, creed, sexual/gender preference and socio-economic tossed aside like yesterday’s garbage. Strangers donating food, water, money, time and even blood to other total strangers. The fact all of this support and compassion goes unreported is disgraceful.

There is another reason that we cannot allow this rhetoric to keep happening.

Think of the question I asked above. What would happen to the engine if you floored it for a length of time? It would most likely die a lot sooner than if it ran the engine normal. Adrenaline in our bodies is somewhat like gasoline or oil in a car and stressors like anger and hate are like our foot on the gas pedal. When we are stuck in that cycle of anger and hate, our bodies begin to break down. We start out with upset stomachs and headaches the progress to weakened immune systems. Next thing we know we have high blood pressure and other health issues that lead to heart attacks and strokes.

I’ve occasionally gone on to social media posts and read the comments that others have left and became enraged at the insensitive, hateful, misinformed and dumb comments left by uninformed people. Just as I start to write an inflammatory comment, I realize I am just continuing the cycle. The same is true when I read or watch the news. To not contribute to the cycle, I’ve had to leave the social media posts or pages altogether or change the tv station.

So, how can we move passed all this “stuff”? There are a couple of lessons I’ve learned in life that can help us move away from the cycle of anger, blame and hate – but it’ll take some work.

One is to practice Spiritual Principles like hope, surrender, acceptance, honesty, open-mindedness, willingness, faith, tolerance, patience, humility, unconditional love, compassion, sharing and caring. If we do this we put principles before personalities which teaches us to treat everyone equally.

This leads us to follow The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Do If you want to be accepted or tolerated, then you need to accept and tolerate others. If you want respect and honesty, then be respectful and honest with others. Many of us learned to do this when we were young but somewhere along the way we forget these lessons or we choose not to follow them.

Perhaps some day we’ll wake up and see how our actions and our words affect others and we can nation least live a bit more peaceful. Then again, that is probably just a pipe dream.

Thought for the day: If we want to have a more peaceful coexistence with each other, we have to practice Spiritual Principles and the Golden Rule again.

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