“Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” ~ Brodi Ashton

When someone says the word “hero” What comes to your mind? The classic comic book guys in tights and capes like Superman, Batman or Spider-Man? Or do you think of men and women in any branch of the armed services? What about police officers, firefighters or paramedics?  All of these men and women are our heroes and, whether we realize it or not, every one of us has probably shaken hands with a hero. We’re often unaware because the bravest among us too rarely have their actions brought to light.

So, what does a hero look like? They look like ordinary men and women who have gone through hell and carried their comrades-in-arms out to the other side. They are men and women of all races and creeds who wear military uniforms, law enforcement uniforms, firefighting uniforms and paramedic uniforms.

A hero also looks like our parents, grandparents, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. A hero is that parent who helps a child up when they fall, that tooth fairy that accidentally leaves a $5 bill instead of a $1 bill, or the sibling that stands up for the other sibling to a bully. So is the volunteer who helps others that are less fortunate and the person who gives words of encouragement, inspiration and empowerment.

They don’t wear masks or capes. Sometimes, though, you can recognize them by the flag over their coffin, or the medals and other special and sentimental trinkets and bobbles they have hidden away in a box or dresser drawer.

Thought for the day: Heroes look just like the rest of us. They are ordinary people who do extraordinary things for family, friends and strangers.

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About Bella’s Thoughts. This is a project that I began in my mind a number of years ago when I began reading some daily meditations. I had my own thoughts on many occasions and attempted to journal many times without success. It began to take shape when I took on another project for a Spiritual Advisor and dear friend who past away. To learn more about me read my very first blog post. For more daily reflections go to... https://www.facebook.com/Stephanies-Sweetgrass-and-Dancin-1414954615472943/

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