“Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given.” ~ Hussein Nishah

This quote is very similar to the Golden Rule, “Do to others…”. If you want to be respected by someone, you first need to respect them, not for their title or their achievements, but as a fellow human. Every human life is important and worthy of respect.

There are some titles that automatically deserve respect. To begin with, parents, guardians, and our elders. This is where we first learn respect. They have seen, done and know more than we have. They only want the best for and of us. I’m not saying all of them deserve respect because there are of course some individuals who are not worthy of these titles.

From those people, we learn to respect others like our employers, all levels of law enforcement, teachers and so on. And, just like parents, guardians, and our elders, all of these people deserve respect.

Are there some rotten people with and without titles who are unworthy of respect? Sure there are but even those people deserve some level of respect even if it’s because they are human. Who knows? Maybe if they are shown some respect they’ll begin to respect others too.

Thought for the day: When we respect each other whether it’s because of their title, achievements or a fellow human, we may not agree with everything they say or do. We simply agree that they are human and entitled to their own opinions. We agree to disagree.

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