People in Your Life

“Do not worry about who’s not in your life right now. The ones are meant to be in your life will be there for you thru thick, thin, good, bad, ugly and REALLY ugly. They’re the ones who count most.” ~ Me

As the years go by, I find myself reflecting on people who are currently in my life and the ones who aren’t in my life for whatever reason. Sometimes when I think about the ones who aren’t in my life, I think about how they should be and I feel a tear form in my eye. Then all the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s go thru my mind.

Since I started reading then writing daily reflections, I’ve learned that all things in life move in circles. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end. I’ve also learned that the end brings about a rebirth of some kind. When anything in life ends, it’s life begins again but often in another form. That rebirth might be a new person in your life, a new opportunity or whatever. No, there are times that I don’t like it, but knowing this makes it easier to accept.

There is something that I sometimes forget. I forget that I still have people in my life who’ve been with me thru everything. One person in particular fits the above description. We’ve been there for each other thru problems with finance, romance, death and everything in between. She was the inspiration behind today’s quote that I put together.

Thought for the day: When something in life ends or a personages our life, take comfort that something new and better is just around the corner.

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