“Silence is sometimes the best answer “ ~ Dalai Lama

Have you ever been in an argument with someone and, no matter what you say, that person is always right and you are always wrong. They insist that whatever the problem is it’s your fault. There’s one super easy yet super difficult thing to do. Say nothing. That’s right, say nothing. This was a lesson that 2 of my dear friends taught me a few years ago and it works.

I was having problems with someone in my life who seemed to fight with me every time we spoke to each other. We’d go back and forth hurling barbs at each other. When these friends told me to say nothing, I thought they were full of it…until I actually tried it. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. The fighting stopped, if only temporarily, and I felt better. Sure I was still angry but after some time, I felt better.

Think of an argument as a fire. What happens when we put gasoline on that fire? It gets bigger and continues burning. The same is true in an argument. When we keep hurling barbs back and forth(gasoline) the argument(the fire) grows bigger. When we stop saying hurtful things(pouring gasoline), the argument stops(the fire goes out). When we stop fighting, we are not saying that person won. We are simply saying that we are not in control of another person. We are, however,  in control of our our actions and reactions.

Thought for the day: Stop putting fuel on the fire. Your silence will speak volumes.

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