Attitude of Gratitude

Mno gishget gme-gishek eneshkeyen ~ Everyday you rise from bed is a good day! ~ Old Potawatomi Saying

This was a comment left one of my posts on my social media page. Actually, it was on my daily gratitude list that I post. I’m told it’s an old Potawatomi saying that is from the person’s Nishnabe ancestors. I also did a little research and found its part of a Potawatomi morning greeting song.

I was going thru a rough period a while back and a dear friend of mine told me to do a gratitude list every morning when I woke up. At first I didn’t want to do it but that little voice I hear from time to time said it was a good idea. So I did it. Then I thought others might be going thru a rough time too and if they saw something on my list that resonated with them, they’d feel grateful too. So I posted my daily list on social media, every day, with my other daily posts. The response has been very positive and just as I thought, others have had their day brightened a little bit.

Does this daily ritual make my life better? No. What it does do is help me to find the good even when things seem really bad. Being grateful when we wake up also sets the tone for the day. Ever notice those mornings, when you wake up grumpy, everything you do turns to junk? Try waking up some morning and either express your gratefulness silently, do a gratitude list, or sing out your gratitude. See what that does for your day.

Thought for the day: Set the tone for your day. Wake up grateful for everything in your day.

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