A Friend in Need

“A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed” ~ Unknown Many of my loyal readers know I like to give credit to the author of the quotes that I use. Sometimes that’s not always possible no matter how much I scour the Web or how many ways I put the question into the search engine.… Continue reading A Friend in Need


Written September 15, 2017 “You can deny angels exist, convince ourselves they can’t be real. But they show up anyway, at strange places and at strange times. They can speak through any character we can imagine. They’ll shout through demons if they have to. Daring us, challenging us to fight.” ~Sucker Punch I saw this… Continue reading Angels

Words from Dr Martin Luther King Jr

Written September 22, 2016(edited 2017) As I sit here in my comfy chair and my comfy clothes trying to find my inspiration to write, find myself disturbed, disheartened, and with a very heavy heart. I am sitting here with a cup of coffee in my hand and a kitty on my lap while I’m watching… Continue reading Words from Dr Martin Luther King Jr


Written August 23, 2016(edited 2017) Ask yourself this. Do you love who you are with? Friends, family, spouse or significant other? You know, your various circles of people. I’m not talking about just having a rough day and one person sniping at the other or you’re all out fighting with someone in your life. I’m… Continue reading Relationships

Live Like You Were Dyin ‘

Written January 9, 2017 “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  ~Mahatma Gandhi This quote reminds me of a couple of songs. Tim McGraw’s “Live Like You Were Dyin’”, and my all time favorite, Nickleback’s “If Today Was Your Last Day”. To me these songs make… Continue reading Live Like You Were Dyin ‘

If You Love Someone, Tell Them…

Written June 1, 2017 “If you love someone tell them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken.” ~Pamela Daranjo Have you ever been in a relationship of any kind(family, friend, lover etc) and you get into a fight then each of you go your separate ways? Or worse, that person passes away? After… Continue reading If You Love Someone, Tell Them…

What Matters In Life

Written May 23, 2017 “It’s not what we have in life, it’s who we have in our life that matters.” ~J.M. Laurence As the years fly by, I see how true this quote is. There have been times in my life when I had all I needed and wanted. I didn’t have a whole lot… Continue reading What Matters In Life